Large Buckeye Burl Wood Wall Art, right side of a mirror image set, #SW383


Large Sculpture in Buckeye Burl Wood with natural edge, Wall Art, 33x28x3 inches. Item Number SW383.  This is the right side of a mirror image set in Buckeye Burl.  $850 each or $1,500 for the pair.  On display at River Arts Gallery 17 at Foundation Woodworks, 17 Foundy Street, Asheville, NC 28801. 

This is a wall mounted piece of naturally colored Buckeye Burl wood, “imported” from the State of Oregon. It can also be adapted to be the top of a table.  Buckeye Burl is a root burl formed by a fungus or foreign matter that invaded the root-ball of the tree.  When harvested it is not uncommon to find rocks, bullets and live or dead snakes who have taken up a home in the voids inside the burl.   WINDSWEPT is a slice of the burl which was dried, de-barked, sanded and then finished with several coats of lacquer.