Oval Ash Bowl with flared natural bark edge, dyed Red, #29650


Oval Ash Bowl 14 x14(10) x5 inches with flared natural bark edge.  The bowl is dyed Red with the grain highlighted with white wax. The bark is dyed black. Item Number 29650.   

There are several species of ASH which grow in our southern Appalachian Highlands region; perhaps the most prevalent are White, Green, and Black Ash.  We do not harvest trees; the bulk of our work is utilizing wood from trees already felled, or those which are taken because of being in the path of progress, diseased, or downed by storm.  Unfortunately, the Emerald Ash Borer is destined to infect and kill every ash tree in the US and this piece was created from an ash log re-purposed because of the borer’s destructive work.

This piece was made from the upper end of an Ash log. After being sealed with a
paraffin-like substance, it was stored in our wood barn, retrieved and rounded into
a “blank”, then mounted on the lathe and turned and sanded. Finishing the piece
requires multiple steps: several applications of dye for a consistent color then a
coat of lacquer to seal the dye. Next, English white liming was applied, then
rubbed off, to highlight the soft grain. Several more coats of lacquer are applied
and then buffing with a German violin polish completes the job.