14-18 inch Sculptural VASE in Box Elder Wood with great color and an 8″ flared base, #SV394


14-18 inch VASE in Box Elder Wood with great flames and color with a flared 8″ base. 10-12 inches high and the width tapers from 14-18 inches with an irregular live edge. Item Number SV394.  Additional images are view from the top viewing the inside of the vase and of the base.  On display at the Grovewood Gallery in Asheville, NC.  Please contact us at collisondesigns@aol.com for additional information.  Thank you. 

Box Elder, also called Ash Leaf Maple, is the softest of the Maple species.  The marvelous red coloring in this bowl is the residue left by a beetle which takes up residence in the Box Elder tree.  The seasonal rise and fall of the sap in the tree carries the red coloring through the tree.  The finish is non-toxic for contents, but it is intended to be a decorative rather than a functional piece.


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