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Ash Wood Large Bowl 15″ natural color, food safe interior, #18485

Ash Wood Large Bowl 15″ natural color, food safe interior.  Outside of Bowl is embellished with red, white and blue stripes. Item Number 18485.  For additional information please contact us at  Thank you.

Story of the Ash Tree:

Ash is a deciduous hardwood tree several species of which are found throughout our southern Appalachian Highlands region.  Ash is used to make furniture, baseball bats and many other items which require structural strength. Unfortunately, in recent years a pest, the “Emerald Ash Borer,” has attacked the Ash species limiting the life of the Ash trees. We normally do not harvest trees; the bulk of our work is utilizing wood from trees already felled for a number of reasons.  These pieces were created from an Ash tree re-purposed because of the Emerald Ash Borer’s destructive work.


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