“Leaf and Berry Bowl” in Cherry Wood, Item #29651


Limited Edition “Leaf and Berry Bowl”  with textured background in Cherry Wood.  5 x 5 x 4 inches.  Item number 29651. 

This piece was made from a recently felled Cherry tree in Northeast Tennessee.  Cherry is one of our favorite woods to turn and embellish.  Bill cut the wood to size, rounded into a “blank”, then mounted on the lathe and turned a bowl for Tina to hand-decorate.  Pear leaves and berry sets were traced onto the bowl and the outline was inscribed with pyrography (burning); the leaves were sealed with lacquer to retain the cherry wood coloring. The background was textured with several pyrography tips to create a tooled leather surface, then colored with acrylic paint.  The finish is non-toxic for contents, but it is intended to be a decorative rather than a functional piece.  Limited Edition.    

Featured in the Johnson City Press article for the Jonesborough, TN: Journeys of Women VII, 08/25/2019.